This probably isn’t your first time to hear the word NYSC. You may even have seen young graduates in that khaki and you desire to put on that uniform someday.

The National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) is a program set up by the Nigerian government to draw in the young, educated graduates in the country for nation building and harnessing of inter cultural beliefs and promotion of national unity.

How It All Started

After the Civil war was over in 1970,  General Yakubu Gowon came up with the NYSC scheme which was created on 22 May 1973 as an avenue for the reconciliation, reconstruction, and rebuilding of the nation.

This was established based on Decree No. 24 that stated that the scheme was created “with a view to the proper encouragement and development of common ties among the youths of Nigeria and the promotion of national unity”

Nigeria has become a place where virtually everything is business and you shouldn’t be ignorant of the fact that the NYSC scheme isn’t excluded. 

There are basic things you need to know before going for your NYSC program

Life at the NYSC Camp


Having done your online registration for the program and the state with which you’re to serve is known, it all begins with the three weeks orientation camping exercise. 

At the camp, you will be grouped into a platoon based on your last code number.. it’s usually from 01-10.

For instance if your last digit of your code number is six (6) then you’ll be in platoon 6, if it ends with zero (0) then you’ll be in platoon 10.

Your exercises or activities are usually carried out platoon by platoon. You stay on the line with regards to your platoon. At the camp, you’ll have your platoon leader and the likes…

Another fun part of camp aside your platoon activities is visiting the market with your friends. This is also known as the Mami Market where you can buy stuffs.

Another vital thing at the camp is redeployment. If you want to redeploy to another state, you must have valid proof, such as a medical report (if it is due to health issues), or marriage certificate (for those that are married) etc.

Life at the NYSC Camp

Be Prepared; Take Everything Necessary

  • Get your documents ready and make enough photocopies..I will advise 10copies each, you may not need up to that
  • Get extra white round necks, socks and shorts although you’ll be given two pieces each at the camp you may find fault with it. Oversize, or less your size
  • Get your underwears, some persons may prefer disposable pants,whichever you choose is fine.
  • Get your toiletries,disinfectants, bucket and bailer,towel and all you need. A mosquito net too is needed
  • Get your food flask, spoon, cup, water bottle
  • Get your passport photograph ready as you’ll need a few at the camp
  • Go with enough nose masks and hand santizers

You Should Have Extras of The Following…

  • Have some extra cash on you and keep properly
  • Have a padlock or use a box with a code lock
  • Get some day to day fingerfoods(cornflakes and milk, garri and groundnut, biscuits, chips, chinchin, bread, margarine etc.)
  • Having got those things bear in mind that most of the people in the state you’re posted to are strangers, don’t be naive to fall victim of been scammed.
Life At the Camp

Additional Guidelines For You…

1. Be Organised:I remember that as at the time I left the camp for the Nysc family house I misplaced my cap, so many people from the onset had misplaced their items such as cap, bucket, phones and a host of other things simply because they are not as coordinated as they should be…..

2. Be Informed and Updated: Ignorance is not an excuse at the orientation camp. Always have your ears to the ground to know what is going on at every point in time. Ask other corp members questions about what you may not be aware of.

3. Tread With Caution:  Being careful cannot be overemphasized at the camp. Know the type of people to move with. Know the type of friends to make.

4. Don’t Walk Alone in Secluded Places: Don’t visit lonely places in the camp alone. Always go in the company of other people. You cannot just assume that everyone in the camp has good intentions. This is not to scare you, but to get you prepared!

Life At The Camp


At this point you’re done with your first three weeks orientation camp where you met people and had fun because of the activities….

  • You have been given a PPA which is known as your Place of Primary Assignment. This is where you’ll serve. It may be a School, Local Government office, airport, Television station, oil sector, agricultural sector, logistic companies and lots more
  • Your monthly stipend is popularly known as allowee you should learn to save a particular percentage of your monthly allowance as it won’t continue forever. Don’t be deceived to keep procrastinating. One year is short you know
  • There is a community development service known as C.D.S which you’ll be paired in based on your field. I was in the Education Unit CDs because my PPA was a school..I taught…
  • Have a proper plan for your income and time.. use your time well, don’t just waste a whole year.. you can acquire a skill alongside. The Skill Acquisition and Entrepreneurship Development (SAED) program gives room for that …..
  • Learn anything learnable while it lasts. For instance I served in a school and I had learnt how never to run a school. The school administration was poor…
Life After the NYSC Camp


Joking apart, the life after service is cumbersome as it’s the period of trying to get a better job offer for a lot of corp members.

At this point, no allowance is given by no one(both the government and parents).In a way, you’re alone, trying to figure out the next move.

Someone said it’s at this point that one will understand the “so help me God” at the end of the NYSC Anthem.

One thing I have observed that plague people at this point is DESPERATION. It’s a point where a lot is expected from you and you don’t want to mess up.

Life After The NYSC Camp


With all said, I believe this article has helped you one way or the other. If you need further assitance about anything, please feel free to drop a comment below. I will surely get in touch with you. I wish you all the best!