Breaking free from negative addictions can be a real struggle because a man’s system easily gets used to addictive habits. As a matter of fact, it is easier to form and get used to a negative habit than a positive one.

The reason is that man’s nature seems to embrace the negative side of life faster than it embraces the positive. Do you agree with me?

For instance, nobody really teaches a growing child to tell lies and pretend. Nobody teaches a growing child to burst out in effusive outrage of anger; and what is more, a little child does not necessarily learn how to be stingy and mean. 

However, for a child to grow up to become a thoughtful, nice, caring and selfless individual, a conscious effort has to be made by the parents to inculcate such virtuous qualities in him or her.


At the beginning of every new year, people make countless resolutions; which include breaking the hold of negative addictions. However, more than 92% of the people never achieve their resolutions. It is easier to make resolutions than take positive steps to achieving them.

It is easier to make resolutions to stop smoking, but it is not easy to actually stop. It’s easier to say you want to stop the habit of overeating, talkativeness, oversleeping and negative indulgence; but is it easy to break free from those lackluster habits? Of course not!

However, I am here to encourage you my friend that though it may not be EASY to break negative addictions, it is POSSIBLE!

People that have achieved enviable feats with their lives are not the type that look for “easy things.” They knew that to achieve greatness in life, you have to fight. They understood that there is no such thing as victory without a battle.

Heavyweight champions of boxing or wrestling are people who have engaged themselves in “heavyweight fights.”  

Likewise, in order to break the addictive force of smoking, gambling, drinking, illicit sex and the likes, you must be ready to fight!  

One thing that is characteristic of champions is that they don’t just speak mere words. They are people of action. They understand so well that the real deal is in action and not just mere words.

Spiritual Warfare


Let me emphasize here that not all addictions are negative. That is the reason I use the phrase ‘negative addictions’ to describe the types of addictions from which you need to break free.

Anything that you start doing, which over time has become second nature, such that you cannot exist without it, is an addiction. So the question is, will that  substance or activity you cannot exist without build your life or destroy it in the long run? 

If the substance or activity stands to destroy your body, health, reputation, status and threatens your very existence on earth, then it is a negative addiction!

Anything that removes value from your life, instead of adding value to it is a negative addiction! You need to stop it before it stops you.

Spiritual Warfare

Addictions are like traps; they make one’s life miserable in the long run


Whatever you are addicted to today didn’t start out as an addiction. It started little by little, like a mild and harmless habit, until you get stuck that it becomes hard to break free.

Addictions are like traps; they make one’s life miserable in the long run.

A lot of young people today can’t do without visiting the bet store. They know all the bet apps that exist online. Many young folks can’t do without watching pornographic videos and other ignoble things.  

Irrespective of what your addictions are, you can break free from them.  Breaking free from addiction starts with a decision. 

Make an intentional decision as regards your freedom from whatever has you bound.

Check your association. Who are your friends? Who are your role models? Check the type of information you expose yourself to. 

Answering these questions genuinely and frankly will give you a good headstart in combating your negative habits and addictions.

Break Free From Negative Addiction


Let me give you some tips that will deliver you from negative addictions this new year and beyond.

  1. Admit that you need help. Getting any desired help or assistance begins with an individual recognising the fact that he/she needs help. Precisely In 2015, it was revealed that a popular musician was bankrupt due to substance abuse and drug addiction. After admitting that he needed help, he was admitted into a drug rehabilitation centre in Abuja, where he recovered and later returned to his music career.
  2. Believe that you can break free from it. It shouldn’t end at just admitting that you need help. As good as that is, you need to believe that breaking forth is possible for you.
  3. Make an intentional decision: Give your life some dignity by having principles that can make your life valuable. Make quality decisions that are based on wholesome life’s principles.
  4. Check your association and environment:  Beware of the type of people you move with.
  5. Beware of the information type you expose yourself to.
  6. Proclaim your freedom while in your addictions: There is power in the words of our mouth. What we say to ourselves matters a lot. Your words will rearrange your life and bring you to a place of total freedom.
  7. Act like you are free! Act like you have the answer.

 That’s it friend. With God on your side, as you take those simple steps above, I believe your total deliverance from addictions is guaranteed! 

Break Free From Negative Addictions

Take Bold Steps To Be Free Friend. Let Nothing Hold You Bound! HAPPY NEW YEAR FAM!


If you are really determined to be FREE this new year, share something positive you are willing to do with me in the comment section below. I will reply you promptly!