“Listen up girl!” she said to me, “you have to be smart while reconciling the accounts in this office.”

“How do you mean?” I queried. Then she let out the bombshell. “Take your share and give the rest to the boss; I have worked in this office long enough to know that my boss doesn’t crosscheck the accounts. He trusts his workers too much to crosscheck anything.”

The young lady then concluded by saying, “You see, in life, you have to help yourself, because God won’t come down to help you anyways. God Himself expects you to eat from where you work; so friend, be smart!”

The above conversation was what transpired between me and a senior colleague at the employ where I was just resuming as a new staff.

To prove her words, she took me through the various work routines, and I witnessed how she sabotaged the boss by inflating the cost of materials and stealing funds belonging to the organization.

I was dumbfounded to see this young lady get so desperate in her nefarious activities. When she instructed me to toe the same path with her, I sincerely thought she was merely joking until I saw her in action!

Don’t Be An Evil Genius!

I have heard many times from different people that before you can make a headway in life, you have to be cunning, smart and wise. But this type of ‘wisdom’ is devilish. It is the negative side of ‘self-help’ which is often revealed in the popular maxim, that “heaven helps those who help themselves.”

This type of evil wisdom is what gives people the impression that they have to find their way around things so that their pockets will always be full, especially when they are entrusted with their organization’s funds. They justify their dark deals by saying, “It is where you work that you eat from.”

Develop the Right Mindset!

This is the mindset of an average person who has one privilege or the other. They abuse their privileges time and time again; but instead of prospering, they keep struggling!

If you want to have true success, the type that does not come with sorrow and struggles, then you have to change your mindset. Start by developing a noble mindset that refuses to join the crowd to do evil. Don’t ever join others to cheat in exams because everybody is doing it.

Don’t join other dubious staff in your organization to change figures or mismanage the organization’s funds because everybody is doing it. Do away with the mentality that such evils are ‘not a big deal!’

Dare to be different!

Don’t let your decisions and actions be informed by what everybody does, especially when it’s wrong. You have to learn to be fair in your dealings with other people.

Stop milking people. Instead of being a pest, why not choose to be a blessing in that house, organization or relationship?

Being fair in your dealings with people isn’t just about money; it covers a wide range of human endeavours. For instance, how do you manage the resources committed to your care?

I used to know someone who would turn on all the air conditioners of all the rooms in her workplace when nobody was in those rooms! She just took delight in wasting her organization’s resources.

However, I was amazed upon visiting her house to discover that she couldn’t even afford to turn on the fan, claiming she had to conserve her resources. Are you one of the people whose belief is to waste resources, as long as their money isn’t involved?

Remember that wherever you are today is a privilege. Don’t be like many people who abuse their privileges. 

Don’t Abuse Your Privileges!

Do you say you don’t care what goes bad at your workplace, as long as your salary is intact? What you don’t know is that you’re shooting yourself in the leg. Nothing gets committed to anybody who is not faithful in managing other people’s resources.

Be true to yourself by being fair in your dealings with other people. When you are thoughtful and considerate in dealing with others, you invariably build trust about yourself in other people.

Remember that wherever you are today is a privilege. Don’t be like many people who abuse their privileges.