As much as it is good to speak of one’s past achievements and tell stories of how successful you were in the past, how smart you were, how you did great things for God’s kingdom and a host of other good things anybody wants to hear about you…But wait a minute, what’s up with your present? I mean what are you doing with your NOW?

Are you busy brooding over your past achievements, failures, mistakes or comparing yourself with other people and making statements such as “I know what my mates have achieved, I can’t take that job because I know how much my mates are being paid”; I can’t get to this lady because I know the kind of beautiful ladies my friends date.” Instead of all these insinuations, will it not be better, rather, to be true to yourself and make your present count?

Start doing something worthwhile doing now! Put the effort in building your life NOW and stop dwelling on your past success or failure, thereby wasting away your present.

I know a man who always talked about how great he was while working with a prominent organisation here in Nigeria. He talked about how he owned cars both official and personal, how his kids went to the best of schools and all sorts. At this writing, he’s not been able to do anything tangible except complaining and bragging about his past meanwhile his present is nothing to write home about.

If you’ve got skills, put it to use NOW. This is time to put your business ideas to work in your little and honourable way; do it now! If you are confronted by fear, just do it afraid, and as you take the first step, then the second,…you will be getting better and better. My message to you is simple: Don’t be a waster of the Now!