In our world today, to give up is becoming quite easy when faced with petty difficulties. “The cliché that tough time never last but tough people do” does not add to our morale anymore. What I have come to understand is that quitters can never ever win. With this in mind, I shall in this short piece, prove that no excuse is justifiable for giving up.

I left secondary school at a young age with much enthusiasm to get into the university. After writing JAMB three times and having good scores in the Post UTME, I was denied admission. I thought to myself, of what use is this education? After all, not everyone who gets educated eventually makes it in life. People around me who were supposed to push me out of this reverie further compounded my woes by discouraging me from going to the university. Some fellows told me to venture into any worthwhile business instead of chasing the wind. They even promised to support any trade or business of my choice by procuring a loan for me. What an evil generosity!

As much as my parents were willing to see me have a university education, they were financially handicapped.  The resolve and thirst for higher education made me to painstakingly take up some menial jobs to sponsor myself. Fortunately, doors of favour began to open and I eventually got admission to read English in a prestigious university! Today, I’m a fulfilled university graduate to the glory of God! For me, it is unexplainable how I got here, but one thing I am convinced about is that I do not allow the opinions of others matter to me, let alone discourage me from achieving my dreams.

There is a message of hope for someone out there. You cannot feature in a future whose picture you have not properly captured. After the pains come the gains. What is it for you? Whatever it is, you’ve come this far and giving up would make people’s negativities and insinuations about your life come to reality. A friend of mine once said that we cannot quit living because things are not going well for us in life. These words of wisdom have formed part of my philosophy over time, and they’ve been working for me. You’ve got so much in you to let go without a fight. Someone somewhere needs to be encouraged by your determination never to give up! You know what? Giving up is too costly in its rewards. Dont forget that accomplishment is not for those who stay when it is rosy and quit when it is tough.

“You cannot feature in a future whose picture you have not properly captured.”