Let the mature minds gather here, we have important things to talk about. Time and time again, we find it gruelling to swear off the relationships that have done us more harm than good.

Maybe the harms aren’t physical abuse such as hitting or raising voices at each other. Perhaps, a relationship breakup may be from emotional causes such as one party showing disrespect to the other and all the attendant insults that come with it.

What’s more, a relationship may hit the rocks if the two people involved feel they aren’t achieving anything by being together, and they feel staying any further in the relationship is as good as wasting the precious gift of time.

Maturity Is Essential

The truth is that some youths that get into a love relationship are as unstable as the waves of the sea, while some aren’t even sure about what they want in life. They may not just be mature for a relationship yet.

This is why they can call it quits in relationships due to one challenge or the other, but soon to stage a comeback when they see their ex-partner is making progress.

If you are involved with such a person who dilly-dallies and is as unstable as this, the best is to say a final goodbye to them and move on. Don’t allow such an unstable person clog your wheel of progress!

As you journey through life, you will come across people whose aim is to impede your progress by what they say to you or how they act towards you. People like this are all over the place, not just in marital relationships alone.

Your responsibility is to identify them and stand your ground against their antics. Don’t let them clog your wheel of progress.

On the other hand, you will find people who will encourage and support you to make progress in your journey. It is from this type of people that you must choose a life partner – someone who understands the gift of time and is not ready to waste your time just as you are not ready to waste his or her time.

I’m talking of someone whose desire is that you succeed in everything you do in life without being jealous of your achievements. Rather, they are the ones that organize how you will record more achievements because they understand that your progress is their progress as well.


Make sure that in your search for a lover, your specification must not fall short of someone who will cherish, adore, respect, treasure, prune and love you.

Another important thing to note is that it isn’t only other people that can clog your wheel of progress, you too can clog your own wheel of progress in so many ways such as through procrastination, complacency, not having regard for time, lack of self-love, not forgiving yourself, not making the right decisions, not being ready to work on your negative attitude and merely living in the world of fantasies.

Its high time you stopped yourself, or anyone for that matter, from clogging your wheel of progress! How can you achieve this? Make sure you move with the right set of people every time.

And if you will ever get into a marital affair, choose someone who will love you as you are, and who will always plot for your progress and success. In addition, you must also love and encourage yourself regularly. Work on yourself to correct every negative attitude that may be a clog in your wheel of progress.

What is more, learn how to maximize time and other resources. Treat other people the way you want them to treat you.

Love and encourage them by speaking and acting positively towards their progress—and watch how you will personally be making giant strides in your life’s pursuits!