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Abisoye - The Editor

As a graduate of English, I have edited a number of manuscripts and supervised the publishing process of the books. I specialize in turning manuscripts to excellent book materials. Some of the books I edited and co-published can be seen at Millionvalues Concepts.


Abisoye - The Broadcaster

I am a talk show host and a broadcaster audiovisuals. I specialise in newscasting, voice-over rendition and audiobook production. A number of my works can be seen on the platform of MillionValues Concepts and Responsible Television Network Youtube Channel.


Abisoye - The Hairstylist

Aside from being a university graduate in English, I also trained as a professional hairstylist. I have been doing this for close to a decade. Aside from dressing and making women’s hair, I also make a variety of wigs for young and adult women.


Abisoye - Lifestyle Coach & Blogger

I derive great pleasure in helping people find meaning and purpose for their lives. I do this through personal one on one counselling, inspirational messages through my blogs and also by prescribing the best books and messages to people.


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