Stop The Excuses

A lot of stories and incidents have inspired me over the years. However, in my day to day dealings and activities, I see some challenging incidents that don’t only inspire me but leave me awe struck!

I once came across a video of Cobhams  – the popular multi-talented instrumentalist cum musician. It was the video of a speech he delivered at Ted; and it inspired me to actually live, not just exist, regardless of my challenges.

While I was still pondering on that speech by Chobams, I came across another incident that further challenged me to bury my excuses for life!

Let me give you the gist. One evening as I walked to the bus stop to catch a bus home after work, I noticed a mini passenger bus (popularly called korope in my local dialect) without an assistant, and the driver whispered the destination I was going to me. 

At first, I assumed he didn’t want to shout the destination as there were so many people at the bus stop, so they don’t bombard his korope.

As soon as I got on the bus, I asked to know if he would reach the bus stop where I would love to alight. I spoke to him in pidgin English: “Oga shey you go reach roundabout?” but he didn’t respond.

After asking for a while with no response, I thought to myself that the driver must be an arrogant person, until one of the passengers gave me a tap and made me understand that the driver was deaf and dumb – meaning he could neither hear nor speak.

I was shocked! I felt that passenger was rather kidding. How in the world could a man who is deaf and dumb mind a bus with nobody assisting him to serve the passengers?

Stop The Excuses

It was at that point that I looked up and saw a tag just above the dashboard that read “Please tap me when you get to your bus stop. Thank you and God bless you.”

I was so astounded that a challenging thought fired through my mind: “This man is deaf and dumb and yet, he doesn’t see it as a handicap to prevent him from working!” 

I was so thrilled that someone who could neither hear nor speak is into the transportation business that requires the ability to converse properly with people.

If you live in Lagos or any part of Nigeria for that matter, you’ll agree with me that drivers of public transport are the most annoying human beings because they deal mercilessly with commuters.

Most times, you have to keep shouting inside the bus so they won’t take you beyond your destination, and they are never patient for you to alight peacefully from the bus.

Yet, here was a driver who successfully deals with passengers every day without anyone assisting him on the bus!

That deaf and dumb driver never saw his condition as a disability. He doesn’t sit by idly, thinking people would pity him and give him handouts to survive by.

What’s more, he doesn’t take advantage of his situation to start a lifestyle of begging as many deaf and dumb people do all over Nigeria! 

Stop The Excuses

Stop the Excuses!

I write to challenge you that you are at a great advantage while you are still young and energetic. You can do something meaningful with your life now before it’s too late. Just as the popular saying goes, “You must make hay while the sun shines.” Don’t just loaf around because you’ve got certain challenges. You must start living. Stand up and confront everything that stands on your way as an obstacle. Challenges are part of life.

A Case in Point

Let’s say you’ve never driven a car before and someone makes you an offer in form of a challenge that they will reward you with a car provided you can drive. What will happen if you attempt to drive that car? You will be handicapped! That’s a typical challenge. 

What’s more, your own challenge may also be a physical disability, like the deaf and dumb driver I just talked about. You can still rise above that disability and turn it into ‘ability’!

Your challenges may not be a physical disability, but that of constantly having the feeling that you are not capable of achieving your dreams.

Challenges are not meant to destroy or deter you. They are meant to help you grow. However, your mindset about challenges is very key.

If you see your challenges as a destroyer, you will be rendered handicapped for life. However, if you see your life’s challenges as a stepping stone and a springboard, you will always get promoted to a higher level each time you overcome your challenges.

At the moment, a lot of young people in their marriageable age are developing cold feet to marriage.

The reason is because they are being confronted by the challenges of not having enough funds and all it takes to enter into a marriage contract with another person.

They always feel things will just get better ‘someday.’ I used to be in those same shoes until I decided to confront my challenges! 

Stop The Excuses

You will agree with me that it’s easier to read success stories of others and get your head swelling; but it’s another ball game entirely putting what you have read into practice.

You’ve got to be a very determined person. You’ve got to make up your mind to live beyond your challenges, failing which can make a person remain at a spot without recording any progress.

There’s no excuse for not being up and doing with the exception of chronic health challenges.

I have a sickly friend, who in spite of his failing health, would always tell me boldly that he will achieve his dreams.

He keeps making a bold declaration that he will not allow his health condition limit him.

Today, he is an accomplished professional in his field of endeavor.  On the other hand, I also knew a fellow during my undergraduate years in the higher institution who was a sickle cell anemia patient.

She had resorted to fate by taking her health condition as the end of the road. She always used her condition as an excuse to be irresponsible.

If you meet her today, the first thing she’d announce to you is her genotype. She uses her medical condition as an excuse to either beg for money and shelter or laze about. 

That is not the way to live. Make up your mind to rise above all your challenges!

Stop The Excuse

Special Announcement

This will be my last article AS A SINGLE LADY😀 !

By this time in the next few hours, I would have taken on the title of a MRS!

I appreciate what God has used all of you to do in my life – the encouragement and support. I pray that good things will always be your own portion too, in Jesus Name.

I love you all. See you in my next article as “Mrs Abisoye….” I will let you know! 😀