Many people struggle through life. When asked why they get entangled in these unpleasant twists, their usual response is, “I have nobody to help me”. They begin the game of passing the buck. In particular, I know of someone who always blames God for being born in the type of environment she grew up in. She uses her rough background as an excuse for her present predicament. The question is, why does she think she cannot come out of this mess? It is because she refuses to take responsibility for making the right choices that will change her for the better.
This reminds me of the popular story in the Bible where Jesus saw a lame man at the pool of Bethesda who had been in that situation for almost four decades. Jesus knew that this man needed help, and He asked the man a very simple question: “Do you want to be made well?  Instead of answering that simple question so that the Lord could help him, he began to tell stories of how he had no one to put him in the water when an angel came around once a year to stir the water for healing.  Although the man got his healing eventually, one could deduce from the scenario that though he needed help, he almost couldn’t recognise it when help came his way. 

A lot of people today have a similar mentality like that man by the pool of Bethesda. They cannot say what they want in simple terms when help comes their way. They are not like Barthemeus,  a blind man who received his sight when he came in contact with Jesus. What stood Barthemeus out was that when Jesus asked Him for what he wanted, he didn’t beat about the bush; his response was so apt and precise that Jesus had to acknowledge the poor man’s faith. The major roadblock preventing people from receiving from God is that they have resorted to giving excuses for remaining in their problems.

A word of encouragement can make the difference between giving up and pressing on. My candid piece of advice is that the earlier one had the solution mentality, the better for that person. There is always a way out of every difficulty if we develop an optimistic mentality. Keep looking within, for there lies your help. Quit going from pillar to post searching for what’s not lost. Believe in God and believe in yourself also.

Take responsibility for your life and make things happen. Stop waiting for people to make things happen for you. You are responsible for your own success. I dare you to take responsibility today, and it shall be well with you!