While I was in the higher institution, I  always never wanted the examination period to come. I am pretty sure a number of students feel that way too. It’s during examination period that people get sick,  look natural, become friendly, get touchy, become anxious and what have you. Some even do a lot of risky and funny things just so they could read for exams.

However, there are life’s examinations not necessarily written in black and white; no physical teacher to mark your script, no classroom and no course mate; what’s more, your questions are particularly unique and you cannot copy anyone; but they are examinations you must go through and pass, so you could grow and become better. These examinations are the little tough times and challenges that we face as humans. We can overcome if we do not lean unto our own understanding but trust in the Lord. Have you observed that without examination, it’s impossible to move to the next level or class? The same is true of the challenges we go through in life

Life has got difficult examinations such that if you do not know God or trust him to help you, you’ll always get knocked down by these difficult examinations of life. Here is my point, do not fret when you go through life’s tough situations or challenges.

Do not stay on the ground when you fall. Do not sleep at the point where you failed, because that’s not your room. You’re not a Failure! Get up and face your life’s challenges squarely. You can do it! You know why? You are tougher than any challenge and you can always win if you trust in God.