Mistakes are part and parcel of humanity. No matter how careful, morally upright or cautious you may be, your life’s dealings will still be fraught with mistakes every once in a while.

It’s another way of saying that there is no such thing as ‘perfection’ in human nature and activities on earth.

The most careful doctor makes mistakes. Great teachers cannot write their complete story without including the great mistakes they’ve made in their career. Professors make mistakes. Preachers are not left out in making mistakes.

Mistakes are those loopholes of imperfection that create a great gulf between God and humanity. They are proof of our need to totally depend on our Creator.


Why do we keep making mistakes as humans? I believe one of the major reasons is that we are constantly in the process of growth. We are constantly in the learning process, and mistakes reveal what we don’t know yet, or what we need to outgrow.

The growth process is the learning process, which is fraught with myriad of errors and mistakes. This is the reason a child falls many times while learning to walk. This is the reason an eraser comes with a pencil. This is the reason manufacturers have spare parts for their products. Mistakes are inevitable in our existence on earth.

What is more, even though certain mistakes are avoidable, there are yet certain types that are inevitable!

Not too perfect for mistakes

Have you made silly mistakes before? I’m too sure you have many stories to tell along this line.


Recently, I was running low on data and I decided to recharge my phone online from my bank account. I hurriedly typed in my phone number and the amount I wanted.

I was so confident that I had imputed my phone number so I didn’t bother cross-checking to ensure there was no mistake in the digits before hitting the “send” button.

I received a debit alert from my bank, showing the airtime purchase was successful. So what next? It was time to proceed and buy data with the airtime.

Alas! What I got was a text message telling me I had insufficient balance to buy the data I wanted. At first, I thought it was a network problem from my service provider, but it later dawned on me I had made a silly mistake!

“I went to my mail to check if my mobile number was truly credited with the online banking I did.

It was at that point I discovered I had typed in a wrong digit, which made it another person’s phone line! 

“How could I have made such a silly mistake?” I queried myself.

I have been using this line for many years. I could quote my phone number to anyone by heart if I was woken up from sleep.

Yet, with my two eyes wide open, I typed in another person’s phone number unknowingly and hit the ‘send’ button!  

Whatever was responsible for that blunder, I just couldn’t believe myself that I made such a mistake.

You know the type of mistake you would make that you’d feel like beating yourself up? That was exactly the way I felt that day. It was as though I had lost a huge amount of money, because it was a lean financial period for me.

That was the last money I had in my account. Can you imagine that?

Not Too Perfect For Mistakes

No human performance can be without flaws. It is only God that is infallible. It is only God that is not capable of making mistakes!

Have you made such silly mistakes before? I’m too sure you have many stories to tell along this line. 

A man left his house one morning not knowing he had worn the wrong side of his shirt. When someone in the bus called his attention to it, he felt so embarrassed. He couldn’t fathom why in the world he could make such a foolish mistake. 

Do you know some people have left their houses wearing two different legs of shoes? They didn’t even notice until someone called their attention to it.

Not Too Perfect For Mistakes

If you live in Lagos, the commercial nerve center of Nigeria, you are prone to making mistakes when you use the yellow buses. One way or the other, you will play into the hands of the evil bus waiters or “conductors” as we call them locally.

I remember hearing many people relay their ordeals in the hands of these bus conductors. If you give them money, they will delay giving you your change till you forget and alight from the bus.

Many hapless people alight from the bus and forget to collect their change; often as much as N800 with the conductors! It is after the bus has zoomed off they come to their senses and realise they’ve been scammed!

Most times, that comes across as one mistake too many, because that might be the last money the victim has on them to get to their destination.

Not Too Perfect For Mistakes


A lot of people use the ATM, and after collecting money, they forget their debit or credit card in the machine. You know nobody in their right mind would intentionally do that. It’s as a result of the green-eyed monster called ‘mistake’!

I would have gone on and on, but space and time wouldn’t permit me. Let me use the remaining space to discuss with you what your attitude to life’s mistakes should be. My intention is to show you how to grow and move on in life, in spite of the mistakes you make.


1. Burst Your ‘Perfectionist Ego’: The first attitude you must have in handling your life’s mistakes is to burst your balloon of ‘perfectionist ego’- the erroneous thought that you can do things perfectly and flawlessly.

The truth is, no human being is flawless or infallible. We can do things excellently and diligently, but we cannot do things flawlessly.

We sometimes use the word “perfect” or “flawless” to describe someone’s performance, but in the actual sense, if the performance is well critiqued, you will uncover flaw upon flaw.

That is not to say the performance isn’t splendid; but what I’m trying to say is that no human performance can be without flaws. It is only God that is infallible.

Yes, it is only God that is not capable of making mistakes! As long as you do not have the perfectionist syndrome, you can always improve upon your mistakes and become better.

Your Mistakes Are Not Your End

2. Know That Your Mistakes Are Not Your End: I once read a book titled, Your Mistakes Are Not Your End written by D. J. Goodman. In that book, the author teaches that many people treat their mistakes as the end of the road.

The moment they commit a blunder, they throw their hands in the air in defeat. But the author encourages people to know that mistakes are part of our existence on earth, and our success or otherwise is the attitude we have to our mistakes.

Never think that because you made a mistake in choosing the wrong life partner, you have come to the end of your marital journey.

There is still hope for you if you don’t treat that mistake as your end. 

3. Know the Difference Between “Mistakes” and “Bad Habits”: Another helpful attitude in handling life’s mistakes is to draw a clear line of demarcation between mistakes and bad habits.

Some people indulge in certain habits and they deceive themselves by calling it a mistake.

Anything that you have been clearly warned about, which you keep indulging yourself in, is not a mistake. Rather, it is an act of indiscipline, which you have to stop.

The difference between the two is that while a mistake is unintentional, indulging in bad habits is done consciously and intentionally.

Know the difference and stop consoling yourself you made a mistake, when in the actual sense, you’re just indulging yourself!

4. Learn From Your Mistakes And Determine To Try Again: Anytime you make a mistake, it is natural to be downcast and discouraged, but you must not stay too long in that frame of mind.

Don’t stay down when you make mistakes. Get back up, put yourself together and determine to try again; but this time, by doing things differently.

Learn from your mistakes and apply what you learn to do things better.

A wise man often says, “No matter how far you’ve traveled on the wrong path, the moment you realize you are on the wrong path, you have to stop.”

In a nutshell, you don’t have to be afraid to make that U-Turn once you discover you are on the wrong road. 

Rather, it is the time to retrace your steps till you get on the right road.

Learn from your mistakes

5. Learn From Other People’s Mistakes: One of the best attitudes in handling life’s mistakes is to learn from other people’s mistakes.

Most times, other human beings around us are a reflection of ourselves. The reason is because human beings are the same all over the world, and one person’s behaviours are typical of many other people’s behaviours the world over.

So one person’s mistakes are typical of the mistakes you and I are prone to make in our life’s journey. This is why the wisest way to avoid certain blunders and mistakes is to learn from other people who have made similar mistakes in the past.

It is stupid to repeat the mistakes that other people around us have made, which caused them a lot of shame and agony. God allows us to learn from other people’s blunders so we won’t make similar mistakes.

For instance, when you drive on a road, and you see the car in front of you run into a ditch, that is enough for you to learn not to go the same way.

If you will learn from the mistakes of people, you will reduce your own life’s mistakes drastically and it makes it look as if you are “smarter than you actually are. That’s wisdom!

Not too perfect for mistakes

It takes only God to help you avoid any mistake that can cost you your peace, your fortune or your life!

6. Pray To Avoid Deadly And Costly Mistakes: Let me take you back to the mistake I made by recharging another person’s phone line unknowingly.

That mistake really pained me for days that I cried over and again. It was the last money I had in my account at that point in time.

When an elderly man heard of my ordeal, he encouraged me and told me not to worry. He then said something that got me thinking. He said, “Just thank God the money wasn’t much; or what would you have done if it was a huge sum of money, knowing the online transaction was irreversible?”

At that point, my attitude changed. The money I had lost was just N1,000. What would have happened if it was N10,000 or more, knowing I couldn’t reverse the transaction?

This brings me to the last attitude you must have in handling life’s mistakes. PRAY TO AVOID COSTLY AND DEADLY MISTAKES!

While mistakes are inevitable, you have to pray to God that you will not make costly and deadly mistakes.

It takes only God to help you in this regard, to avoid any mistake that can cost you your peace, your fortune or your life!


What mistakes have you made in recent time that pained you so much? How did you learn from the mistake and what did you do to move on with your life? Share with me in the comment below. 

I love you!

Not too perfect for mistakes