You Can Change Your World
You Can Change Your World

Before you start wondering about the title of this article, let me get the facts straight – YOU can do it! Yes, you can make the world a better place both for your generation and generations yet unborn.

“How’s that possible?” you may ask. That is exactly what I want to show you here.

The first challenging thought that may have bombarded your mind after reading the title is something like, “Why think of changing the world at large, when I haven’t even changed my own world?”

That was the same thought that used to plague my mind many years ago. I used to think, “Why would someone dare to change the world when they aren’t God?”

And when it concerns the nation, I used to think, “Isn’t it the government’s responsibility to change the nation?”

However, my mentality was completely reshaped the day I stumbled on a statement by a wise man.

He said, “You can change the world when you do the good for ‘some’ that you would have loved to do for ‘many.'” 

After stumbling upon this wise and life-changing statement, I decided to coin it in my own way.

I say it like this, “I will do the right thing wherever I find myself, that I would have loved to do all over the world”.

This has helped change my outlook and philosophy about life. It gives me all the positive vibes I need that assures me I can indeed change the world.

You Can Change Your World
You Can Change Your World


Another obstacle that prevents people from making any effort to change the world is the thought that their ‘little’ effort is just a drop of water in a mighty ocean, and cannot be felt or make any difference. But this is not true.

If you want to know what a big difference your little impact can make when you go about doing the right things for ‘some’ that you’d love to do for ‘many’, consider how a ‘little’ yeast leavens a large lump of flour or dough. 

Or consider how a small rudder controls a vessel as big as a ship. What’s more, consider how a tiny sleeping tablet induces a mighty man to fall asleep within seconds!

All these examples go to show that the little impact you make in the life of one person, or the little “right actions” you take where you are, can have a ripple effect which eventually has an impact upon hundreds and thousands of people!

You Can Change Your World


We all agree that America is a great nation.

One of the major reasons America became so powerful and great is because of the great leaders that ruled the country through the years.

The country is known for its strong democracy, where the vote of every citizen counts.

This is where I’m going: Did you know that some of America’s elections were won just by a difference of one vote?

Yes, some of their powerful leaders that have made history till this day became senators, governors and presidents because they won their opponents by just one vote!

Just imagine that. One person’s vote has all the power to install a person as president over another.

That’s how powerful a “little” impact can be in making the “big” difference.

You Can Change Your World
You Can Change Your World

I once had a conversation with a friend who taught in a certain school. We talked at length about how the system in Nigeria has been messed up.

Because my friend is a school teacher, she was able to give me a firsthand account of how examination malpractices have bedeviled the country’s education system.

We compared how good the education system was some years back, when any student caught cheating in the examination hall got suspended or rusticated.

But according to my friend, the system has got so bad that teachers are now being paid to dictate the answers to pupils in an examination hall! 

“So how do you cope in such a setting?” I asked. My friend responded by saying, “I have resolved a long time ago that no matter how corrupt the system is,  my standard cannot be compromised.”

That wasn’t all, she also added , “I’d rather leave the system than bow to their evil schemes.” 

You Can Change Your World
You Can Change Your World

What can we learn from my friend’s resolution? 

The lesson is simple: Do the right things wherever you find yourself. Do not think nobody is looking at your good deeds.

Don’t think your good deeds will not count in the midst of many people with their evil way of life. 

Do not join other people to pollute the system. Stand against the evil maxim that says, “If you cannot beat them, join them.” 

So it all begins with you making simple decisions to do the right things wherever you find yourself and treating other people as you’d want them to treat you.

What am I driving at? I want you to see yourself changing the world right from where you are: From the comfort of your home as a parent, you can change the world by raising your children as though you are raising future presidents.

Raise them as though you were raising world-class business executives and ministers of the gospel.

As a school teacher, you can change the world by teaching and training the pupils under you as though you were raising future leaders. Are you getting the picture?

Reach out to somebody who is underprivileged and give him or her quality education. Send someone to school with the little funds you have.

You don’t need to wait to have plenty of money to send many people to school. Start where you are.

Remember our watchword: “Do the good for ‘some’ that you would have loved to do for many.”

When you empower someone today, that person can be the next Billy Graham, Kenneth E. Hagin, David Oyedepo, Barack Obama, Ellon Musk or Oprah Winfrey, who will shake the world around them.

Never wait till you have plenty of resources before you can make an impact. Start now with what you have. Start with the people God sends your way today.

Napoleon Hill, the great author of Think and Grow Rich says, “Do not wait; the time will never be ‘just right’. Start where you stand, and work with whatever tools you may have at your command, and better tools will be found as you go along.”

You Can Change Your World
You Can Change Your World


Start from today to see yourself as a miracle seed going somewhere to be planted to become a giant tree.

Not only should you see yourself as a miracle seed.

Also see yourself as a farmer, who sows miracle seeds in your environment and the lives of as many as are within your sphere of influence.

Start seeing your words, money and deeds as seeds. God has put you on earth to make it a better place.

Many people’s destinies are tied to your destiny, and they can only realise their destiny to the extent that you realise yours.

Be intentional about living a meaningful life.  

Henceforth, never again should you waste any opportunity to do things right, to invest in somebody by sowing the seeds of greatness in them; by becoming the best at your workplace; by being the best student in your school.

The time to start is not tomorrow but today. 

You Can Change Your World
You Can Change Your World


With all said, you need to realise that the level of impact you will ever make in this life is determined by how versatile you are as a person.

In other words, you cannot give what you don’t have. This is why I feel strongly like encouraging you to keep investing in yourself.

Move with people of worth, who are also making tremendous impacts in their own spheres of influence.

Study the lives of great men who changed the world in their lifetime.

Surround yourself with books, audio and visual messages that will keep you constantly stirred up, till you conquer the world hill by hill, gully by gully and mountain by mountain.

Become a reservoir of knowledge in your fields of endeavours. Before long, you will start impacting everybody you meet positively.

You will start changing people’s lives for the better.

And the people whose lives you have changed will rise up like an army of world-changers and continue sowing the seeds of greatness you’ve sown in them till the whole world will say, “These world changers have come hither also!”

You Can Change Your World


I want to use this medium to thank everyone for their moral support, and also in cash and kind towards the success of my wedding.

The Lord will continue to bless you in all your endeavours. I love you all!😀🤗😍


Thank you so much for reading through this article.

I want you to leave a comment on the efforts you have made to change the world around you and how you are doing it right where you are. I love you!